Simrad RI-12 Radar Interface Module [000-11467-001]

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RI-12 Radar Interface Module


  • Designed to accomodate either 12 or 24 colt systems and used for all Halo models
  • Rugged, screw-in power connector block (DC cable not supplied)
  • Supplies 36V DC to the pedestal in Tx mode - Status LED is Green when on - Red when not
  • Easy to connect NMEA2000 Micro C
  • Ethernet 10_100BaseT output with Ethernet LED (pigtail adapter supplied for internal RJ45 to external Navico Yellow)
  • Easy removable access cover with captive screws
  • Silicon Rubber Cable glands

Comes with:

  • N2K-T-RD Network T-Connector - 000-0119-79  
  • ETHEXT-6YL 6ft Ethernet Cable- 000-0127-51 
  • N2KEXT-6RD - MICRO-C 6ft Cable, 1,8M - 000-0127-53 
  • CABLE RJ45M-5F Ethernet adapter Cable  - 000-11246-00